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First Build | Gundam Ez-SR

by andro_builds
Gundam EZ-SR

Gundam EZ-SR was his first model kit which we introduced to him when he was around five (5) years old. We found the build set on sale at our local toy store. Prior to this we did not know what a Gundam kit was. The only thing that made us buy it was the orange tag (item on sale) and the picture of a robot. He has always been fascinated by all things robot.  Ever since he was 3 yrs old when he saw Iron Man (action figure) for the first time.

Gundam Model Kit Discovery

The Gundam EZ-SR kit was intended for older children. However, it turned out to be one of the best toy purchase we have ever made. Unbeknownst to us then, the HG (High Grade) kit was too difficult to build for a 5yr old’s tiny fingers but we bought it anyway.

At first we showed him how to do it, when he saw how it was done he asked to do it himself. That was the first time we ever saw him focus on work for 2 hours straight without standing up. For a 5yr old with low attention span, this was quite an accomplishment.

But the HG parts were too small and some of the pieces broke along the way. These were just some of the things that caused him to get frustrated. Every time he got upset, we took the box away and told him to build another day.

That single kit took 2 yrs to build. The next time he showed interest in a Gundam model kit was 2 years later during a trip to Chicago when a cousin brought us to his local hobby toy store and Andro asked us to buy him his first Master Grade (MG) model kit, the Gundam F91.


Andro in Chicago
Andro in Chicago
Andro Visits Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls
Andro at the United Center in Chicago
Gundam F91 bought at Nakama Toys Chicago
Gundam F91 bought at Nakama Toys Chicago

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